XPUB invites you to a Paged.js Workshop!

Adobe Again?

Most people would think making a publication should be done via Adobe applications. Don't we want to explore other possibilities though?

There should be a way

that I can directly render web pages to print.



13th October

11am - 6pm


Guess what would happen?

11am - 1pm: Lecture &
2 - 6pm: Workshop

13th Oct 2022
Wijnhaven 04.115

Piet Zwart Institute, Willem de Kooning Academy

Julie Blanc and Julien Taquet will introduce Paged.js!


is a rendering tool for previewing, inspecting and designing a PDF in the browser, that is known for specifically accommodating designers using web-to-print techniques in their publications and book making practice.

Julie and Julien both work as developers on the project, so we can also ask them about Paged.js as an open source project, and what it means to develop and maintain it.

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