Time: 10:00 - 16:00 
Date: Thursday 25th April 2024 
Location: WH.04.139 (Aquarium 4th floor Wijnhaven)

In this dumped printers modding workshop, we investigate the inner workings of a printer. With a DIY and DIWO approach we disassemble and reassemble printers "differently".  Why?  We all are frustrated by the fact that printers often do not work!

No previous knowledge is necessary. The printer will be opened and explored step by step. If you have an old abandoned printer then bring it to the workshop.

The The Global E-Waste report of the UN from 2024 explains that electronics production is four times faster than the disposal of e-waste. This acceleration of production leads to a short lifespan of ICT products. When it comes to printers, this behavior has already led to complaints in court.  A regulation for this problem with printers is currently in draft status at EU level. The workshop will analyse this shortcoming and try out how printing can be done differently.

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